EMDR and treatment of binge eating disorders.


The study shows use of EMDR therapeutic method in treatment of eating disorders with binge eating episodes with and without purging with clients treated with cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. Dissatisfaction with the client’s own body and inadequacy stemming from the influence of cultural elements seem to be the highest maintenance factors of eating disorders associated with binge eating episodes. The study analyzes n.10 cases of clients with various dysfunctional ideas caused by distorted constructions with respect to their self-esteem, self-acceptance and personal value, as shown both in their EDI 2 (Eating Disorder Inventory – 2 by David M. Garner) scores and the analysis of their life histories. The SQ (Symptom Questionnaire by R.Keller) was also administered since it is particularly indicated for administration at short intervals. The EDI 2 and SQ tests have been administered after n.6 EMDR sessions. Results: Use of EMDR on the negative cognitions formulated, learnt and maintained by clients in their experience, as well as on alternatives to binge eating, has produced a considerable reduction of their dysfunctional ideas, and binge eating behaviors showing additionally an increase of the drive to change, leading to an increased compliance and autonomy in therapy progress. The results obtained shall be presented and discussed.






Marina Balbo

Original Work Citation

Balbo, M. (2004, June). EMDR and treatment of binge eating disorders.. Presentation at the 5th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Stockholm, Sweden



“EMDR and treatment of binge eating disorders.,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed February 25, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/22757.

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