EMDR for the co-occurring population


In my experience, EMDR is the fastest, most effective and least intrusive way to help clients release trauma, regardless of whether it stems from childhood abuse, sexual abuse or assault, accidents, disasters or combat, and regardless of whether it is the result of a single event or multiple experiences. I have also seen EMDR reduce or eliminate chronic pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and cravings for alcohol and other drugs. One of the best things about EMDR is that it doesn’t require clients to retell their horror stories. In my view, when people don’t have words to describe what they are experiencing, don’t remember the original incident, have somaticized their pain or are too emotionally raw to put the experience into words, it is essential to offer treatment that does not require verbalization. [Excerpt]






Jeanne L. Meyer

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Meyer, J. L. (2014, May). EMDR for the co-occurring population. Counseling Today. Retrieved from http://ct.counseling.org/2014/05/emdr-for-the-co-occurring-population/ 6/23/2014



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