Innovative and effective preparation and stabilization methods applied to groups


These methods have been adapted for use in group settings from Katie O’Shea’s “EMDR Friendly Preparation Methods for Adults and Children”, published in EMDR Solutions II (Shapiro, R. 2009); and presented at EMDR Europe 2003 and 2006.
Healthy individuals are born with emotional responses that are ordered, balanced, and when maintained, provide physical and mental well-being as they grow. Traumatic experiences may lead to the loss of healthy, automatic, emotional responses to daily events, interfering with their ability to respond and cope successfully. These methods offer ways to reactivate and restore this healthy capability, leading to improved functioning and interactions with others, whether or not trauma reprocessing follows. They awaken our innate ability to accelerate learning from life experiences. The methods will be described, demonstrated and experienced. Our focus is on the universal promotion of emotional health with an emphasis on the well-being of individuals through the use of methods based on leading neuroscience. Aspects of this group program are being piloted in Canada, USA, and Greece with ages ranging from pre-school children to adults. The Preparation/Stabilization methods presented include: •Containment: providing the ability to focus on the present rather than the past or future; •Safe State: allowing activation of the innate ability to feel safe when we are safe; •Reset/Update Emotional Circuits: using symbolic imagery, subcortical affective circuits are updated so they respond automatically at a level commensurate with the current event/situation rather than over- or under-reacting.






Katie O'Shea
Judy Moench
Tessa Prattos
Frances Yoeli

Original Work Citation

O'Shea, K., Moench, J., Prattos, T., & Yoeli, F. (2014, June). Innovative and effective preparation and stabilization methods applied to groups. In EMDR clinical practice symposium (Tessa Prattos, Chair). Presentation at the 15th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland



“Innovative and effective preparation and stabilization methods applied to groups,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed December 8, 2021,

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