Effect of eye movements in RDI (resource development and installation) procedure


The effect of bilateral stimulation in RDI(Resource Development and Installation) is controversy. Hornsveld et.al (2011) concluded that effectiveness of eye movements is questionable in RDI or safe place. However, in EMDR training many trainers teach to use slow and short eye movements for RDI and safe place. We have to investigate the effect of slow eye movements on positive memories.

We applied RDI procedure to healthy thirty graduate students. Each individual were asked to write down three positive memories on achievement, and experienced RDI procedure under three different conditions: rapid eye movements [REM], slow eye movement [SEM] and eye fixed [EF] condition. Speed of eye movements are 1Hz[REM] or 0.2Hz[SEM] and it was displayed 4 back and forth of 6 sets. Duration of EF condition was 24 seconds of 6 times. All procedure was taken with their eyes open. We measured general emotional scale(positive, negative and relaxed feeling), vividness of imagery, emotional intensity, and internal- external attention ratio.

2-factors(pre-post x 3conditions) ANOVA was conducted on imagery vividness, emotional intensity, three different feelings. Imagery vividness, and emotional intensity increase by time, but there was no difference among conditions. On three feelings, no effect and interaction were found.

1- factor(3 conditions) ANOVA on attention ratio indicated main effect of condition, and EF conditions attended significantly more internally than either REM or SEM conditions.

In SEM condition, we divided the participants into two groups based on attention ratio. Internally attending group showed more vivid imagery, more positive feeling and less negative feeling than externally attending group.

When we consider the role of bilateral stimulation, we must consider the importance of attention direction.






Masaya Ichii

Original Work Citation

Ichii, M. (2014, June). Effect of eye movements in RDI (resource development and installation) procedure. In EMDR neurobiology research symposium (Peter Liebermann, Chair). Symposium presented at the 15th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland



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