The three treasures: EMDR, positive psychology & loving kindness meditation


The student asked her Zen Teacher: “How will I ever be liberated?” The Zen Teacher replied: “Who has put you in prison?”

This paper examines the lived experiences of highly functioning women and men who have combined “The Three Treasures: EMDR, Positive Psychology and Loving Kindness Meditation (LKM)". When integrated these three modalities can alleviate mind and body constriction created by separating emotions such as anxiety, fear, grief and loss. The spaciousness that arises allows safety, security and stability to emerge as resources in the clients’ inner world. The engagement of the Three Treasures invites compassion, gratitude, wonder, curiosity and love that creates positive resonance.

These principles are illustrated by the experiences of clients who are living the motto “Do not squander your life”. It becomes apparent life has dramatically changed for them as in the cases of the two terminally ill clients utilising their Three Treasures Credo to savour their life and their dying process. It will be shown through the aid of EMDR, Positive Psychology and LKM that life reaches higher levels and continues to evolve while walking the edges of impermanence. Why? The Three Treasures captures and cultivates the client’s attention to prioritize positivity in their life while encouraging transformative antidotes to suffering.






Ann-Marie McKelvey

Original Work Citation

McKelvey, A.-M. (2014, June). The three treasures: EMDR, positive psychology & loving kindness meditation. In EMDR & positive psychology research symposium (Michelle Depre, Chair). Symposium presented at the 15th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland



“The three treasures: EMDR, positive psychology & loving kindness meditation,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed February 24, 2021,

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