Navigating the EMDR special protocols: when, why, how, and which ones to use?


The workshop will provide a brief overview of published special EMDR protocols, while giving its main focus to the following questions: when should you use a special protocol? How do you select which one? Are there any issues, disorders, or populations for which you should not use the Standard Protocol? Can a special protocol compensate for your lack of knowledge with a specific issue or population? To what extent may a special protocol modify standard procedures and still be considered EMDR, i.e., what are the "essential bits"?

Participants will learn to identify when to use a special protocol as well as the most frequent and recurring techniques and deviations from the standard protocol and procedures that can be found in a significant number of special protocols.

In conclusion, this workshop will highlight the main adaptations and changes to the EMDR 8-phase protocol and 11-step procedure that have been introduced by several authors and researchers, and hopes to challenge the participants to think about what EMDR really is.






Jenny A. Rydberg

Original Work Citation

Rydberg, J. A. (2014, June). Navigating the EMDR special protocols: When, why, how, and which ones to use? In EMDR clinical practice symposium (Penny Papanikolopoulos, Chair). Symposium presented at the 15th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland



“Navigating the EMDR special protocols: when, why, how, and which ones to use?,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed November 26, 2021,

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