EMDR and allergy


Alllergies are on the rise, despite a growing range of medications and treatments available by the pharmaceutical industry and technologised medicine.

Especially illnesses and disorders of the immune system increase our awareness of the boundaries and dangers of a purely medical disease model – with its narrow view on symtomatology and the cause-and-effect relationship – in the context of a society that enables and fosters this view.

New paradigms and approaches are necessary, to treat allergies, prevent further defects to the immune system effectively, to increase chance of long term recovery and to offer preventive help.

Taking new approaches involves testing insights from various fields of medicine; including the examination of different periods and cultures. The only consideration being, what helps and heals.

EMDR in this context constitutes a new consideration and treatment of allergies and a presumably productive role in ongoing research. Promising treatment results achieved with the EMDR Allergy Protocol developed by the presenter and its integration in a “personality development plan” show a successful “symbiosis of EMDR and allergy”.

After introducing phenomenons of the IMMUNE SYSTEM and ALLERGIES with their characteristic properties and “secrets” the EMDR Allergy Protocol developed by the presenter will be presented and discussed. Treatment methods of allergies – especially pollen allergies – will be offered and steps practically sampled, which can be self-experienced .

The EMDR Allergy Protocol is being used to treat various allergies successfully by various EMDR psychotherapists. Data on treatment effectiveness will be presented.






Claudia Erdmann

Original Work Citation

Erdmann, C. (2014, June). EMDR and allergy. In EMDR specialty presentations (Emre Konuk, Chair). Presentation at the 15th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland



“EMDR and allergy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed December 8, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/22938.

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