EMDR early intervention research toolkit


In 2013, the EMDR Research Foundation (aka the Foundation) established “Addressing the Global Burden of Trauma” as one of its research priorities. Whether natural or man-made, the Foundation supports research exploring the effectiveness of early EMDR interventions in response to trauma and disaster. The EMDR Early Intervention Research Toolkit was specifically designed to assist EMDR clinicians who provide early EMDR interventions as part of frontline trauma response and recovery.

The primary goal of the Toolkit is to increase data collection and publication of studies in order to gain a better understanding of the most effective ways to intervene after a traumatic event. The Toolkit is intended only for EMDR clinicians who have completed Basic EMDR Training and, ideally, are fully trained in the use of the specialty protocols within it. This brief introduction, the protocols, and the worksheets are not a substitute for adequate and appropriate training.






Rosalie Thomas
EMDR Research Foundation

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Thomas, R., & EMDR Research Foundation. (2014, November). EMDR early intervention research toolkit. EMDR Research Foundation. Retrieved from http://www.emdrresearchfoundation.org/toolkit/



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