EMDR treatment of complex trauma: The cross-training model


This workshop will present a comprehensive overview of how to treat Complex PTSD and dissociative personality structures within the AIP model. We call this a Cross-Training Model, because we are incorporating the therapeutic power of EMDR therapy with the wisdom of several current approaches: Janet’s Tri-Phase Model, Parts models, cutting edge dissociative and affect symptom management strategies and the utilization of focused sets of BLS to facilitate healing internal dialogue between initially conflicted inner parts. Additionally, we will introduce hypothesized pathways that lead to the clinical picture of adult complex PTSD. This will be a multimedia presentation including lecture, power points, demonstrations, case descriptions and video.






Jim Knipe
Carol Forgash

Original Work Citation

Knipe, J., & Forgash, C. (2015, August). EMDR treatment of complex trauma: The cross-training model. Preconference presentation at the 20th EMDR International Association Conference, Philadelphia, PA



“EMDR treatment of complex trauma: The cross-training model,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 19, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/23172.

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