Developing your best consultation practice this year


There is not enough EMDR therapy available for those who need it. More diverse consultation services will help facilitate this need. Participants will be invited to explore their own development as a consultant utilizing an AIP informed exercise. Reg has been working to help develop the Core Competencies for EMDRIA Certified Therapists. How consultants can better assess the capacities for a new consultee, provide stronger more effective feedback for their development, and create learning objectives can help the consultee better engage with their own learning process. Consultants are successful when they can help their consultee grow beyond them, go out into the community and help to grow and expand the community’s capacity to provide effective EMDR therapy in diverse settings. Therefore the business of consultation including marketing and in session practice structure will also be addressed. EMDR therapy is taking off and consultation needs to keep up, or even better, lead the growth.






Regina Morrow

Original Work Citation

Morrow, R. (2015, August). Developing your best consultation practice this year. Presentation at the 20th EMDR International Association Conference, Philadelphia, PA



“Developing your best consultation practice this year,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 19, 2021,

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