An EMDR Therapy primer: From practicum to practice (2nd Ed.)



The book provides concise coverage of the AIP model and EMDR principles, protocols, and procedures and addresses the types of targets accessed during the EMDR process. The book summarizes the Eight Phases of EMDR Therapy and the Stepping Stones of Adaptive Resolutionóthe components of the standard EMDR protocol. The building blocks of EMDR Therapyópast, present, and futureóare assessed with regard to appropriate targeting and successful outcomes, as are abreactions, blocked processing, and cognitive interweaves. Detailed case studies demonstrate strategies to assist the client in reaching adaptive resolution of trauma. New to the Second Edition: •Completely revised and updated •Reflects the evolution of EMDR to an integrative therapeutic approach •Expands specialized EMDR techniques •Includes new strategies to overcome obstacles •Presents new transcripts and case studies •Provides "Derailment Possibilities" to alert clinicians of potential obstacles to therapeutic success •Extensive appendices include definitions for EMDR Therapy, EMDR Therapy scripts, and additional resources






Barbara J. Hensley

Original Work Citation

Hensley, B. J. (2016). An EMDR Therapy primer: From practicum to practice (2nd Ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Co



“An EMDR Therapy primer: From practicum to practice (2nd Ed.),” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed May 13, 2021,

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