EMDR: An interaction update and review of the training


This three-hour program includes an update and review of the Adaptive Information Processing Model (AIP) and the relevance of this model to the understanding of experienced-based psychopathology and to the application and timing of EMDR procedures. The workshop will also involve a review of specific EMDR procedures. The AIP Model will be presented in a “sculpture” format involving group pantomime by workshop participants. This non-verbal, behavioral enactment of information storage dynamics, as understood by the AIP Model, is intended to engage participants in a unique and implicit learning experience. Exploration of the AIP Model is intended to lend understanding to the purpose of the specific procedures used throughout all 8 eight phases of EMDR treatment. In addition, the AIP will be shown to support the 3 prongs of each target sequencing plan, i.e., targeting the past, present, and future for comprehensive treatment. Several EMDR procedures will be reviewed as they normally unfold in the 8 Phases. The AIP Model will be used to demonstrate the relevance and timing of each procedure. Specific procedures will be reviewed interactively with participants, and will include: Indicators and contra-indicators for advancing to Phase 3 of EMDR; History-taking; Developing target-sequencing plans; Criteria for effective NCs; Indicators of progress during Phase 4; Strategies for restoring dual attention when processing becomes blocked; Re-evaluation; and, Future template procedures. This workshop is intended for clinicians who took an EMDR basic training sequence some time ago and who wish to review basic AIP concepts and EMDR procedures. Time will be established for questions, answers and discussion.






George E. Abbott

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Abbott, G. E. (2011, April). EMDR: An interaction update and review of the training. Presentation at the 7th Western Mass EMDRIA Regional Network Spring Conference, Amherst, MA




“EMDR: An interaction update and review of the training,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 25, 2020, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/23559.

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