EMDR and treatment of complex PTSD and dissociation


This plenary will be divided into two parts. During the first past of the morning, we will examine the impact of early neglect, abuse, and attachment disruption on the development, functioning, and identity of an individual. We will review the range of dissociative presentations associated with complex and prolonged trauma and will discuss the challenges inherent in treating Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorder clients. We'll address formal and informal assessment in the early stages of treatment and the value of developing a comprehensive EMDR-focused case conceptualization and treatment plan. General treatment concepts, incorporating the growing body of literature on attachment, affect tolerance, and management, dissociation, mindfulness, ego state work, and phase-oriented approaches, will be introduced and applied within an EMDR treatment framework.

During the second part of the morning, we will concentrate on translating critical treatment concepts into effective, goal-oriented interventions. We'll discuss EMDR Resource Development and Installation (RDI) and the importance of dyadic regulation and the modulations of hyper- and hypo-arousal in EMDR trauma processing. We'll also discuss strategies for helping clients to relinquish maladaptive defenses (particularly dissociation), allowing for the accessing and transformation of core affects and beliefs. Videotape segments from actual EMDR sessions will be used to highlight how key treatment concepts guide the moment to moment interactions between client and therapist at various stages of treatment,






Deborah Korn

Original Work Citation

Korn, D. (2008, April). EMDR and treatment of complex PTSD and dissociation. Presentation at the 4th Western Mass EMDRIA Regional Network Spring Conference, Amherst, MA



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