Advances in the use of the feeling-state addiction protocol


The Feeling-State Addiction Protocol (FSAP) has been shown to be an effective treatment for behavioral addictions and is being used by many EMDR clinicians for substance abuse treatment. The FSAP is informed by Feeling- State Theory (FST) that describes how a positive feeling becomes linked with a behavior that causes the compulsive behavior. This compulsive behavior can take the form of either behavioral addiction or a substance addiction. However,in addition to the behaviors normally understood to be an addiction, FST also provides an understanding of he psychological dynamics of other behaviors such as co-dependence, anger issues, anxiety, obsession, and depression. The FSAP provides a treatment solution to these difficult-to-treat behaviors. In addition to the FSAP, Dr. Miller will present the Pain/Terror Release Protocol (P/TRP). Compulsive behavior is often the result of both a desired feeling (the feeling-state) and as a means to avoid unwanted feelings. The P/ TRP provides both the clinician and client with a gentle and effective method for releasing the unwanted feelings, which will help maintain client sobriety. Videos of these approaches to treatment will be presented.






Robert Miller

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Miller, R. (2016, April). Advances in the use of the feeling-state addiction protocol.  Presentation at the EMDR Canada Annual Conference, Toronto, ON



“Advances in the use of the feeling-state addiction protocol,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed March 2, 2021,

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