Integrating EMDR into attachment work with children


This half day workshop is designed to assist child therapists working with children who have attachment disruptions to learn adaptations for integrating EMDR into the attachment healing process. The workshop is divided into three different parts. The first part explains the development of babies’ brains which can get programed with unhealthy patterns which can last a lifetime. The training’s second part looks at how therapist can assist parents to understand the effects of trauma on their child’s brain wiring, develop mindfulness techniques for changing themselves and helps them learn healthier ways of connecting and healing their child’s attachment wounds. EMDR strategies with attachment disordered children makes up the third part of the presentation. An explanation of how to do Attachment Resource Development (ARD) as well as adaptations for EMDR Reprocessing of attachment trauma will be covered in the final part of the presentation.






Jan Yordy

Original Work Citation

Yordy, J. (2016, April). Integrating EMDR into attachment work with children. Presentation at the EMDR Canada Annual Conference, Toronto, ON



“Integrating EMDR into attachment work with children,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 19, 2020,

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