Working with attachment dynamics across the life span: The attachment protocol


The focus of the workshop is to underline the importance of attachment relationships in the first stages of the child’s life and the powerful impact on his/her future psychological, emotional and cognitive development. The objective of this workshop, therefore, is to give participants practical information and tools to work with attachment issues and EMDR. The EMDR treatment, in fact, may be useful to help patients to access to traumatic memories related to attachment relationships and to process them in an adaptive manner. When the patients, thanks to EMDR, are able to identify and elaborate their early traumatic memories, they can gradually separate them from their past and organize them in a consistent and coherent narrative. Moreover, thanks to the notions derived from this course regarding the clinical use of the attachment measures (e.g. Strange Situation Procedure, Adult Attachment Interview) therapists may become able to identify the relational style of the patient and, in this way, to shed light on traumatic events that occurred during the life of the patient. Such events (either "T" trauma and relational trauma "t") could then be used as target during the EMDR treatment. In this workshop, moreover, the phases of a specific EMDR protocol, the “Attachment Protocol” will be described in order to help participants to understand how to work with attachment issues. During the workshop clinical cases and videos will be provided.






Maria Zaccagnino

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Zaccagnino, M. (2016, June). Working with attachment dynamics across the life span: The attachment protocol. Presentation at the at the 17th EMDR Europe Association Conference, The Hague



“Working with attachment dynamics across the life span: The attachment protocol,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 23, 2020,

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