Humanitarian Assistance Programs


Since the Indian Ocean tsunami (2004) various EMDR Humanitarian Assistance projects have taken place throughout South East Asia. These countries include Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, and China. The need for trauma therapy capacity building in this region continues unabated. This symposium will focus upon Myanmar, Cambodia and Pakistan. The first two countries are part of a collaborative project between Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia, University of Worcester and Trauma Aid Germany who secured funding from Terre des Homme (Germany) of €1.2 million for the purpose of trauma therapy capapcity building. Research and audit data will be presented from both the Myanmar and Cambodia projects. In addition data will also be presented about the project in Pakistan particularly in regard to the 2014 attack on a school in Peshawa School Massacre perpetrated by the Taliban where the EMDR IGTP was used as an intervention.






Derek Farrell

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Farrell, D. (2016, June). Humanitarian Assistance Programs. Presentation at the at the 17th EMDR Europe Association Conference, The Hague



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