Working with streetboys in Kenya - A shortcut through trauma


In March 2015 - during a three weeks stay in Kenya - I was working with around 25 boys, aged between 10 and 15 years who formerly lived on the streets. They were given shelter in the slums of Pandipieri among Dutch Missionaries. Bilateral stimulation was adapted to Kenyan culture, by using drums or clapping on knees. The focus was on the time before they went on the streets, when staying with their parents. An adaptation of the Vier-Felder-Technique, using special inputs to direct the trauma integration, made it possible that the whole group finished their process at the same time. Follow-up the next day showed that all the boys were feeling much better. Teachers reported later on that the children had improved at school and in daily life. At the moment we are investigating whether this kind of the Vier-Felder-Technique can be used to help groups of refugees.






Melitta Schneider

Original Work Citation

Schneider, M. (2016, June). Working with streetboys in Kenya - A shortcut through trauma. In Children track. Presentation at the at the 17th EMDR Europe Association Conference, The Hague



“Working with streetboys in Kenya - A shortcut through trauma,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 20, 2020,

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