Research meets practice: The stabilization controversy


The workshop will start with a presentation of the newest research findings for the treatment of complex trauma.These findings contradict long (and dearly) held beliefs about the treatment of complex clients with psychosis, borderline personality disorder, major depression, dissociative symptoms etc. The evidence from research conflicts with the felt reality from the workfloor, in the office. Are the worries and precautions of clinicians working with these clients outdated, and should they be replaced by an eagerness to treat-right-away? In this interactive workshop some complex cases are presented. During the presentation of the cases, the audience will be asked: what would you do, at this moment in treatment, and why would you make that choice? What are essential reasons to postpone trauma confrontation? The workshop will provide an in depth discussion of the implications of research findings for actual clinical practice; how can they be integrated?






Joany Spierings
Suzy Matthijssen
Gijs van Vliet

Original Work Citation

Spierings, J., Matthijssen, S., & van Vliet, G. (2016, June). Research meets practice: The stabilization controversy. Presentation at the at the 17th EMDR Europe Association Conference, The Hague



“Research meets practice: The stabilization controversy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed June 14, 2021,

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