Legacy attuned therapy: Toward a coherent narrative


There is ample evidence that EMDR therapy is recognized as a powerful method of psychotherapy by domestic and worldwide organizations (American Psychiatric Association, 2004; Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense, 2004, 2010; World Health Organization, 2013).  EMDR therapy alleviates suffering and promotes positive self-worth (Shapiro, 2001). The standard three-pronged EMDR protocol addresses past disturbances, present triggers and future actions, but it does not specifically address the internalized ancestral, familial and cultural influences of the distant past.  Legacy Attuned EMDR therapy contains narrative, transgenerational and integrative components that access and reprocess transgenerational associations and to reprocess memories that negatively impact current lives.


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Natalie S. Robinson

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Robinson, N. S. (2017). Legacy attuned therapy: Toward a coherent narrative. In M. Nickerson's (Ed.), Cultural Competence and Healing Culturally-Based Trauma with EMDR Therapy: Innovative Strategies and Protocols (pp. 147-160). New York, NY: Springer Publishing



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