The art of EMDR therapy


The Art of EMDR therapy is the dance between client and therapist in regard to attuning to, and resonating with, the client and providing optimal dual attention stimulation (DAS) to maximize processing. Client facial expression, breathing, body and facial micro-movements, how the eyes track the DAS, and more; show whether the client is optimally processing or is blocked. It is the clinician’s ability to track the client’s response (both verbally and non-verbally), and provide the DAS in a personalized manner, varying it according to client response, that maximizes processing. Nonverbal signs of processing and how to track the client will be discussed and illustrated by videos of sessions. The Art of EMDR therapy, and maximizing processing, is also expressed by choice points regarding whether to interweave or “stay out of the way”, going further into the memory or back to target, and whether to contain or “push through” a difficult memory. Such choice points will be discussed and illustrated with videos of EMDR sessions. (Caution, some of the videos contain intense emotional affect, but with a happy ending.).






Roger Solomon

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Solomon, R. (201, June). The art of EMDR therapy. Presentation (Anabel González, Chair) at the 18th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Barcelona, Spain



“The art of EMDR therapy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed May 16, 2021,

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