Mood stablization via EMDR for patients with bipolar disorder


Traumatic life events and PTSD are frequent in severe mental disorders. Bipolar patients due to their mood swings are particularly prone to be exposed to traumatic events which influence negatively the course of the disease. In clinical routine with bipolar patients, trauma aspects are largley ignored so far and not taken into consideration in the treatment plan. This is also due to very limited scientific evidence of trauma orientated treatment options in bipolar disorder. A first randomized, controlled study in traumatized bipolar subjects revealed positive effects of EMDR in this population. As consequence, we recently published the Bipolar EMDR Therapy Protocol in the latest version of Marylin Lubers’ book about scripted EMDR protocols. In this workshop we will first give an overview about bipolar disorder, problems in the managment of this disease and the under-recognized role of trauma on the long-term course. Then, we will present in detail the new Bipolar EMDR Therapy Protocol with its 5 sub-protocols.






Benedikt Amann
Walter Lupo

Original Work Citation

Amann, B., & Lupo, W.(2017, June). Mood stablization via EMDR for patients with bipolar disorder. Presentation (Michael Hase, Chair) at the 18th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Barcelona, Spain



“Mood stablization via EMDR for patients with bipolar disorder,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 29, 2020,

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