Facilitating EMDR therapists' practice through group sharing and case consultation


Case consultation is a required component of EMDR Basic Training. It usually involves an experienced EMDR practitioner, typically certified trainer, consultant or facilitator, who advises EMDR trainees on specific clinical cases so that they could provide good service to their clients. While case consultation has practical benefits to the clinical process, when held as part of an initial EMDR training, it may need to incorporate elements that enhance trainees’ reflection on their experiences. Drawing on her successful research on guided reflection among novice practitioners, the author has developed and implemented a framework which is used in Group Sharing and Case Consultation (GSCC) sessions for therapists undertaking EMDR basic training in Hong Kong. This paper presents the GSCC format and content and examines its underlying principles. It highlights the process of reflection on action and the essence of group context for facilitating EMDR learning and integration. Implications are drawn for ways to enhance EMDR therapists’ insights gained from experience and from collaborative guided reflection on their actions for their professional development.






Atara Sivan

Original Work Citation

Sivan, A. (2017, April). Facilitating EMDR therapists' practice through group sharing and case consultation. In EMDR in various cultural contexts & special populations (Matthew Woo, Chair). Presentation at the 3rd EMDR Asia International Conference, Shanghai, China



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