The development of EMDR Thailand to the future of peace


The content of the presentation is about the advancement and achievement of EMDR therapy in Thailand. Below is the overview of the content. EMDR therapy was known in Thailand in 2009 when Mekong Project were established to provide a training program for therapists in the Mekong region which include Thailand. At the beginning of project, seeking qualified therapists to join the training was crucial. The therapists, who have experiences in working with traumatic survivors, were selected according to the variety of professional areas including mental health organizations, university, Royal Thai Army and Navy, non-government agencies, and International organization. Furthermore, they also came from different regions of the country; central, northern, north-eastern, eastern, and southern Thailand. After that, all therapists were trained in basic EMDR training and supervision. Subsequently, some qualified therapists were promoted to attend supervisory training and training for trainers. After successful training EMDR therapists, EMDR Thailand Association were established in 2015. An organization’s objectives are establishing professional standards, coordinating training and professional development of EMDR Therapy in Thailand, and providing consultations regarding training, research, and other activities. Moreover, it aims to be a community that members who are EMDR Therapists can share and exchange knowledge and experiences. Besides, the organization also provides services for survivors of both natural and man-made disasters at national and regional levels. Currently, EMDR Thailand Association is in the process of long-term planning that aim to use EMDR in creating peace to Thai population. In order to integrate EMDR to the society, the organization will enhance the level of collaboration with government and non-government agencies, and mental health organizations.






Kanokwan Jirathonghamchote
Payongsri Khanthikul

Original Work Citation

Jirathonghamchote, K., & Khanthikul, P. (2017, April). The development of EMDR Thailand to the future of peace. In Training/supervision/consultation issues in EMDR (Ann Parichawan, Chair). Presentation at the 3rd EMDR Asia International Conference, Shanghai, China



“The development of EMDR Thailand to the future of peace,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 30, 2020,

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