An integrative EMDR therapy/family therapy model


Traumatic stress in children often manifests as reactivity, aggression, defiance, and other challenging behaviors. Traumatized children require a secure holding environment to safely address trauma, however, under the circumstances, the parent-child relationship may be stressed. The presentation describes an integrative model that integrates trauma-informed parent psychoeducation, family therapy, and EMDR therapy to strengthen attachment security and resolve past trauma simultaneously. Participants will be able to apply strategies for shifting parents to a specialized, trauma-informed approach, increase efficiency through a family therapist-EMDR therapist team. “Attachment Resource Development” (ARD) will be demonstrated along with safe implementation of trauma work through “piecework” and use of the secure holding environment.






Debra Wesselmann
Cathy Schweitzer
Stefanie Armstrong

Original Work Citation

Wesselmann, D., Schweitzer, S., & Armstrong, S. (2018, April). An integrative EMDR therapy/family therapy model. Presentation at the EMDR Canada Annual Conference, Québec City, QC



“An integrative EMDR therapy/family therapy model,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed November 26, 2020,

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