Rebuilding narratives and building attachments, the used of EMDR in children, three methods to implement


In this presentation are used three methods to rebuild narratives that allow you to build bonds. The first method is to use the child's drawing on the cartoon form, associated with the bilateral movements, in touch (BLMT). In the video presented it is possible to realize the evolution of the comics and the narrative reconstruction performed and projected in the band draws that evolves with the reconstruction of the impact of the traumatic situation. In the observation of the reactions in the drawing and its movements and body expression of the child (9 years), it is understood the existence of reprocessing and installation of resolution of the traumatic event, restoring the bond. It should be noted that in this first case the child had witnessed a very intense discussion between the parents. In the second video is presented the reconstruction of narratives and construction of the attachment through the presentation of photographs of the growth of the child integrating their different contexts (parents, family, school, important situations), in this process the story is told by the Mother or father and in the end the child recounts the story, selects his main images and makes a drawing of his experience of narrative reconstruction. In this case the child participating in the video (seven years old) presented a systematic behavior of fears and anguish of separation with difficulty in establishing relationship with the father. In the last sequence of videos is performed a narrative reconstruction with the construction of the attachment in a child of 30 months with a sleep disturbance, using the narrative reconstruction with the process of stimulation in bilateral touches performed by the therapist and in another situation by the mother, but always with the therapist to build and tell the narrative, in the method established by the protocol of narratives for children under 4 years old. There is a great deal of progress in the ability to acquire a link in this child, allowing it to be able to have an autonomous and tranquil sleep, which did not happen until the use of this reconstruction. This process integrates development protocol built by Joanne Morris-Smith and Michel Silvestre. As an innovation we have the methods applied that with the videos presented allow to systematize procedures for different ages (30 months, 7 years and 9 years), regarding narrative reconstruction with evident traumatic event (9 years – Comics), traumatic event not Evident with reconstruction of the link through the use of images, photographs of the child's growth (7 years-photographs) and finally a third model of intervention based on the reconstruction of the narrative structured by Joan Lovett with the intervention to be carried out by the therapist and the parents (30 months). The entire approach presented respects the main elements of the EMDR Development Protocol adapted to children and adolescents by Joanne Morris-Smith and Michel Silvestre and is allowed to observe, in a clinical context, the different reactions, physical, emotional and of the children involved. This presentation aims to teach the application of these models of narrative reconstruction with the EMDR protocol of development, as well, to teach the importance of narrative reconstruction in the process of establishing secure attachment and finally integrating new strategies for the execution of narratives to use in a clinical session with individual or systemic model.






João Veloso
Luis Gomes

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Veloso, J., & Gomes, L. (2018, June). Building narratives and building attachments, the used of EMDR in children, three methods to implement. Children psychotherapy. Presentation at the 19th EMDR Europe Conference, Strasbourg, France



“Rebuilding narratives and building attachments, the used of EMDR in children, three methods to implement,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 23, 2020,

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