Deepening EMDR effects with adjunctive low level light therapy (LLLT)


An innovative approach that integrates the use of near-infrared (NIR) incoherent light for reducing pain and intractable physiological/body sensations during EMDR processing is described. A series of case studies where LED source of non-coherent light in the NIR spectrum (Photonic Stimulator) is used during EMDR processing suggests that the addition of this technology to EMDR may increase and deepen EMDR treatment effects. This is most evident when strong somatic sensations and/or pain insufficiently responds to the standard protocol or a specific pain protocol. In addition, an approach that uses LLLT to assist with stabilization prior to EMDR processing is described. The underlying theory of LLLT is discussed. Effects of LLLT on electroencephalogram (EEG) and effects on neural regulation are described. Finally, implications with regard to potential synergistic functional mechanisms between LLLT and EMDR are discussed. Learning Objectives: 1. Participants will become familiar with Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) including a basic understanding of theory and purported mechanisms. 2. Participants will learn how to apply LLT as an adjunctive intervention to deepen EMDR processing in cases that respond insufficiently to the standard or pain protocol. 3. Participants will learn LLLT interventions to aid with stabilization prior to EMDR processing.






Ulrich Lanius

Original Work Citation

Lanius, U. (2018, June). Deepening EMDR effects with adjunctive low level light therapy (LLLT). Poster presented at the 19th EMDR Europe Conference, Strasbourg, France



“Deepening EMDR effects with adjunctive low level light therapy (LLLT),” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 15, 2021,

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