Play therapy and EMDR therapy: A powerful combination


This full day workshop will integrate the Flexibly Sequential Play Therapy model with EMDR Therapy for children. Participants will learn to use play based protocols for trauma history, employ kinesthetic learning, and use play narratives in desensitization to allow children to titrate their traumatic material and the intensity of their feelings through the tactile grounding of active play. We will explore working with resistance, dissociation, and flooding and will teach grounding exercises. Case examples illustrating how to integrate parents into this work will be woven in throughout the day; in particular, we will touch on teaching parents to recognize and manage dissociation.






Ann Beckley Forest
Annie Monaco
Paris Goodyear-Brown

Original Work Citation

Forest, A. B., Monaco, A., & Goodyear-Brown, P. (2018, October). Play therapy and EMDR therapy:  A powerful combination. Preconference presentation at the 23rd EMDR International Association Conference, Atlanta, GA



“Play therapy and EMDR therapy: A powerful combination,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 21, 2019,

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