Twenty useful trauma therapy lessons


Professor Figley draws upon his more than 45 years of work with the traumatized to offer twenty evidence-informed lessons learned. His presentation has four parts. Part I, he will discuss 6 Trauma Lessons about treating trauma and PTSD. For example, the lesson of finding a treatment approach that fits who you are as a practitioner, as well as its effectiveness score. In Part II he shares 3 Trauma Lessons about disasters, including lessons about adapting treatments to the needs of the survivors. In Part III he discusses 5 Trauma Lessons, about Families and Children, including the lesson about families being both a source of trauma and trauma relief. In Part IV, Dr. Figley will discuss 6 Trauma Lessons about Self Care, including treatments that work for PTSD that often also work for compassion fatigue.






Charles Figley

Original Work Citation

Figley, C. (2018, October). Twenty useful trauma therapy lessons. Presentation at the 23rd EMDR International Association Conference, Atlanta, GA




“Twenty useful trauma therapy lessons,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 21, 2019,

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