Using the EMDR recent event protocol with homicide survivors


Homicide is a stark reality in the United States and claims over 16,500 victims a year. The EMDR Recent Event Protocol combined with the innovative Visual Assessment Tool (VAT) are key tools used in the treatment of victims/survivors and offers a structured and effective way for clients to desensitize and recover from the recent trauma of the murder of a loved one. The effective use of the Recent Event Protocol will be explored, as it pertains to homicide victims and victims of other violent crimes. This will include a review of the protocol, engagement of the client, assessment, and use of the Visual Assessment Tool to obtain the current images/targets that will be desensitized.






Don deGraffenried

Original Work Citation

deGraffenried, D. (2018, October). Using the EMDR recent event protocol with homicide survivors. Presentation at the 23rd EMDR International Association Conference, Atlanta, GA



“Using the EMDR recent event protocol with homicide survivors,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 21, 2021,

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