US-based community response networks: Overview


Increasingly, throughout the U.S., communities of EMDR clinicians are developing responses to community-based traumatic experiences, often under the name of Trauma Response Networks (TRNs) and in collaboration with EMDR HAP: Trauma Recovery. More broadly, individual communities are developing their own strategies and methods to meet their emergent and ongoing needs. These community response networks are evolving to include not just volunteer efforts, but an infrastructure of identified fee-based EMDR EI clinicians and services. With an introductory overview of common and contrasting experiences, panelists will highlight key dimensions of their community experiences including actions, lessons learned and current directions.

Orlando, FL: Response to the 2016 Pulse Nightclub Shootings – Reg Morrow Robinson

Newtown, CT: Service to therapists and first responders after the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting – Karen Alter-Reid

Arizona – AZTRN: Preventing PTSD and creating resilience– Beverlee Laidlaw Chasse

Charlottesville, VA: EMDR EI response to the 2017 Car Attack in – Terry Becker-Fritz

Boston: TRN and EMDR-EI Lessons with an Eye Towards Social Change – Rebecca Rosenblum






Reg Morrow Robinson

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Robinson, R. M. (2018, April). US-based community response networks: Overview. Presentation at the EMDR Early Intervention and Crisis Response Global Summit Conference, Natick, MA



“US-based community response networks: Overview,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed March 1, 2021,

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