Development of EMDR in Bosnia and Herzegovina - from an idea to the first EMDR conference


The needs for EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) treatment of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BH) citizens, affected by 1992-1995 war, increased. The Trauma Aid UK (former Humanitarian Assistance Programs UK & Ireland) works in partnership with mental health professionals in BH.We aim to build an environment in which qualified and experienced professionals trained in EMDR may establish and sustain complete EMDR education and to keep international standards of EMDR practice.Authors described the history of idea and its realization of EMDR education considering all needed phases that were provided from the Trauma Aid UK with non profit, humanitarian approach in sharing skills of EMDR to mental health therapists in BH.The trainers from Trauma Aid UK completed five EMDR trainings in Bosnia-Herzegovina for recruited trainees from different cities and entities in BH. For continual professional development (CPD) all of these mental health professionals need to be active participants in professional and scientific meetings. Though, Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina EMDR Therapists, member of EMDR Europe, organized the First EMDR conference in Bosnia-Herzegovina sponsored by Trauma Aid UK under the patronage of EMDR Association of UK & Ireland.Five training of Bosnia-Herzegovina mental health workers to effectively use EMDR with enthusiastic help of EMDR trainers from Trauma Aid UK resulted with European accredited EMDR practitioners, one European accredited EMDR consultant and the first EMDR conference in BH. This will keep national development of psychotherapy capacities in post-war BH.






Mevludin Hasanović
Sian Morgan
Sanja Oakley
Sandi Richman
Šemsa Šabanović
Izet Pajević

Original Work Citation

Hasanović, M., Morgan, S., Oakley, S., Richman, S., Šabanović, S., & Pajević, I. (2018, July). Development of EMDR in Bosnia and Herzegovina - from an idea to the first EMDR conference. Psychiatria Danubina, 30(Supplement 5), S243-S248. Presentation at the 1st EMDR Conference (2017, November) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo



“Development of EMDR in Bosnia and Herzegovina - from an idea to the first EMDR conference,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 15, 2021,

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