The role of local educational institutions in educating of EMDR practitioners in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Providing good mental health services to the vulnerable and needy should be of utmost importance to all mental health professionals. To be able to do so, professionals require to be, not only educated but actually properly trained and supervised in specially, among various skills, psychotherapy orientation. Unlike developed countries, psychotherapy services and professional career in psychotherapy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) is relatively new primarily due to the recent historical developments and events in B&H. Besides, there is scarcity of professional institutions in B&H which could, not only establish structure for, promote but also educate mental health professionals, according to the European psychotherapy standards as well as accredit and certify psychotherapists, locally or internationally.

The purpose of the present study is to show the role of International University of Sarajevo (IUS) as a local private educational institution in educating and training EMDR therapist in B&H.

The collaboration between EMDR HAP UK & Ireland, Association of EMDR Therapists in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AEMDRTBH), Department of Psychiatry University Clinical Center (UCC) Tuzla and Psychiatry Clinic, Clinical Center of University (CCU) Sarajevo described with focus on the collaboration with International University in Sarajevo.

Local institutions in B&H can in a variety of ways make a significant contribution to the education and training of therapists in BiH in the following ways: providing rooms for realizing of education and training and/or conferences (pro bono), promoting EMDR as a successful therapeutic method for treating of stress and trauma within relevant subjects and programs, providing scholarships for excellent students for EMDR education, and in collaboration with local and European EMDR therapists to offer EMDR specializations for professionals. Since 2010, one group of therapists has been educated and trained by EMDR HAP UK at Department of Psychiatry UCC Tuzla, two groups at the Psychiatric Clinic CCU in Sarajevo and one group at IUS. Thanks to EMDR HAP UK&Ireland, EMDR therapists in B&H are among the youngest yet very efficient and successful therapists who greatly contribute to improving mental health of fellow citizens.

Collaboration between Association of EMDR Therapists in Bosnia-Herzegovina, HAP UK & Ireland AP B&H and local educational institutions such as IUS can significantly contribute to training efficient preparation of EMDR professionals in B&H and help improve overall mental health and wellbeing of B&H citizens.






Selvira Draganović

Original Work Citation

Draganović, S. (2018, July). The role of local educational institutions in educating of EMDR practitioners in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Psychiatria Danubina, 30(Supplement 5), S257-S259.  Presentation at the 1st EMDR Conference (2017, November) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo



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