First responder cumulative traumatic - Stress exposure


Working with First Responders is similar to working with elite athletes who train hard and continue to push their human limits to greater peak performance. There is a toll on the mind, body and spirit that is often suffered in silence. Further, each type of first responder, whether Police Officers, Fire Fighters, 911-Dispatchers, Emergency Medical Service Personnel, or Rescue Workers, has a unique set of on-duty stressors and ways to cope with the kinds of stress particular to their jobs. It is important to explore and discuss openly the tolls each group of Responders has and how to find ways to restore and build stronger resiliency throughout their careers. As a former firefighter and EMDR Therapist for over 25 years, I have dedicated myself to helping first responders of all kinds manage stress and build resilience in their lives. [Excerpt]






Sara G. Gilman

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Gilman, S. G. (2018, Septmeber). First responder cumulative traumatic - Stress exposure. Go With That, 23(3), 24-26



“First responder cumulative traumatic - Stress exposure,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 23, 2021,

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