Expanding horizons of satvavajaya chikitsa: Through EMDR & CBT


Satvavajaya Chikitsa,, as mentioned by Acharya Charak, is the mental restraint or mind control and is achieved through Gyan(spiritual knowledge)Vigyan( skilled / textual knowledge), Dhairya( fortitude) Smriti (remembrance) and Samadhi (concentration).The real meaning of satvavajya is’’ winning the mind’’ . There is no fundamental differences between Ayurvedic satvavajaya and modern psychotherapy , both involve removal of harmful sense objects of mind and insertion of positive rational thoughts and emotion The second component of Satvavajaya is vigayan where we use CBT as promotion of Vigyan through this technique we restructure the cognition and change the maladaptive behaviour which is similar to satvavajaya chikitsa where mind is refrained from ahita artha and attempts are made to promote hita arthas The article attempt to assimilate and develop the psychotherapeutic techniques which are described in the principles and practices of satvavajaya chikitsa ,The Manas Chikitsa (psychosomatic medicine & neuropsychiatry )Division of Department of kayachikitsa instititute of Medical Sciences ,Banaras Hindu University ,Varanasiis continuously working to explore the satvavajaya chikitsa use of practical psychotherapeutic techniques in clinical setting which will be deliberated here.






Laxman ji Yadav
J. S. Tripathi
Richa Rani Yadav

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ji Yadav, L., Tripathi, J. S., & Ydav, R. R. (2018, October - December). Expanding horizons of satvavajaya chikitsa: Through EMDR & CBT. International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, 5(4), J55-J58



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