Journey of the hopeful healer


This presentation will emphasize the power of hope in healing from trauma, along with practical application of healing techniques. A journey from hopeless to hopeful, using stories of her life, and her work in addiction and trauma recovery, to bring new life to a wounded population.

Mackenzie brings with her a unique perspective, much of which has been shaped by her own battle with substance abuse, in addition to overcoming and healing from a history of complex trauma. “My addiction was so powerful, and so rooted in early trauma, that I lost myself for many years. Now, with a strong recovery I’m committed to helping others find their voice.”






Mackenzie Phillips

Original Work Citation

Phillips, M. (2019, September). Journey of the hopeful healer. Presentation at the 24th EMDR International Association Conference, Orange County, CA


“Journey of the hopeful healer,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed December 1, 2020,

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