Beyond the binary: Gender expertise and EMDR therapy


At birth, based upon sex organs, gender is assigned. Thus, begins life in a false binary, male and female. Yet, gender diversity has existed always for biology thrives on variation; and, society struggles with gender variation, as noted by the high rates of discrimination and deadly violence against transgender and gender variant persons. During this interactive session, attendees will increase their knowledge of gender diversity, gender affirmation/transition options, and the impact shame and trauma in the lives of gender expansive persons. Integrating social neuroscience with psychological theory, attendees will learn specialized ways to use EMDR therapy with gender diverse clients.






Mischa Cohen Peck

Original Work Citation

Peck, M. C. (2019, September). Beyond the binary: Gender expertise and EMDR therapy. Presentation at the 24th EMDR International Association Conference, Orange County, CA



“Beyond the binary: Gender expertise and EMDR therapy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 29, 2022,

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