EMDR for the treatment of dissociative disorders


It is known that EMDR therapy needs to be done carefully while working with dissociation and dissociative disorders. Over the years, many have documented the effective use of EMDR with these conditions. This workshop would attempt to build the bridge between the skills learned in the basic training in EMDR, and the basic skills needed for working with dissociation and dissociative disorders. To facilitate this, the following topics would be presented: • How dissociation and dissociative disorders could present in clinical practice • How to assess for dissociation and dissociative disorders • Best practices in the field of treatment of dissociative disorders • Therapeutic models used in conjunction with AIP/EMDR for working with dissociative disorders • When and how to start using EMDR • Case Examples – what worked and what didn’t • • Resources for acquiring more skills The participants will be introduced to views from theories of attachment and structural dissociation of the personality, and therapeutic approaches of internal family systems, ego states and progressive approach. The focus will be on using EMDR for the treatment.







Original Work Citation

Adithy. (2020, January). EMDR for the treatment of dissociative disorders. Presentation at the 4th EMDR Asia International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand



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