Reaching the unreached: An outreach to tribal settlements


Eye movement desensitization is a therapeutic approach by Dr Fracine Shapiro, developed to resolve the symptoms resulting from unresolved trauma, distressing events, exposure to natural disaster, or childhood trauma .This is found to be a valid treatment method for PTSD and it is recommended for children, adolescents and adult by WHO in 2013. State of Kerala in India has witnessed a devastating natural calamity in the form of flood and landslides in 2018 August. Wayanad district is one of the most affected area typically known for Tribal settlements where hundreds of people died and thousands lost their life time settlement areas. The presenters visited the location where a group of handpicked adolescents were approached for intervention at Karunya Nivas on 17-5-2019. EMDR IGTP session was conducted in Karunya Nivas, which is an NGO in Thonichal, Wayanad. The institution up brings the tribal children, adolescents and youth, those are dropouts and facing tragic life events. A group of 55 adolescents consisting of 15 to 18 years of age from various courses for self employment like computer courses, stitching etc were the participants. The introduction part of IGTP protocol was briefed, the causes and symptoms of stress were explained, different types of soothing methods like abdominal breathing and safe place were taught. Distress level were rated using appropriate tools. IGTP session was conducted where EPTs were present. Many of them reported a decreasing in their stress level. The high risk population was identified and still on follow up sessions with intermittent evaluations.






Sany Varghese
Gincy Mathew
Mary Mathew

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Varghese, S., Mathew, G., & Mathew, M. (2020, January). Reaching the unreached: An outreach to tribal settlements. Poster presented at the 4th EMDR Asia International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand



“Reaching the unreached: An outreach to tribal settlements,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 17, 2021,

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