Reflection on action: Supporting clinicians in their EMDR training and application


The paper presents clinicians’ views on an interactive and facilitative mechanism which has been implemented to support their EMDR training, consultation and supervision. The mechanism called Group Sharing and Case Consultation (GSCC) was developed and implemented by the author in Hong Kong based on successful studies on reflective practices in the helping profession. Informed by the notions of action learning, reflection on action and collaborative peer inquiry, the mechanism has facilitated therapists’ ability to reflect on their own experiences of using EMDR in their practices through sharing and guided reflection by a trainer and peer participants. The framework underpinning GSCC will be examined with illustrative examples. Feedback gauged from clinicians who participated in a series of GSCC sessions will be presented. Results highlight the contribution of this mechanism to therapists’ ability to better reflect on their own practices, and to their enhanced confidence in using EMDR in their practice. References will also be made to the specific issues which participants learned and the different sources of their learning. Results are discussed in light of the growing need to provide ongoing case consultation and supervision to practitioners while undertaking on board the socio-cultural context in which they practice. Implications are drawn to the ways in which reflection can be further developed within a collaborative group inquiry and sharing for better use of EMDR therapy.






Atara Sivan

Original Work Citation

Sivan, S. (2020, January). Reflection on action: Supporting clinicians in their EMDR training and application. Paper presented at the 4th EMDR Asia International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand (Chair: Sithu Pe Thien)



“Reflection on action: Supporting clinicians in their EMDR training and application,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed August 6, 2020,

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