Trauma psychology: Somatic psychotherapy + EMDR and somatic psychotherapy toolbox


Frightening and trauma invoking experiences come in many forms however, their impact if not addressed in time can be devastating to the human life. Assume that you’re involved in a near car accident as you drive towards the intersection of a busy road. Such an experience is more likely to leave you frozen and in a state of shock. As a trained somatic psychotherapist who understands the impact of such an experience, you are more likely to engage in moving your body so as to centralize the body awareness by taking deep breaths as you focus on releasing the fear that you are likely to be feeling at the moment. After several months, you might notice anxiety gripping your heart whenever you’re approaching the intersection of a busy road as you drive and you may notice your stomach tightening and your breath also quickening. The experience can lead to intense feelings of trauma and deep anxiety that can be immobilizing if not addressed. This is just an example, however, there are numerous causes of trauma, depression and PTSD. Somatic psychotherapy and EMDR therapy helps with addressing the conditions, identifying the root causes, the emotional and behavioral impact and treating the conditions effectively.Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR therapy offers a structured and comprehensive approach that effectively treats trauma, PTSD, alongside the associated sensations, beliefs and emotions. The synthesis of somatic psychotherapy and EMDR therapy provides such an advanced treatment to mental health and are considered as per the various research findings as two of the best models of trauma treatment that are available. Integrating the two therapies helps with enhancing their level of effectiveness.Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy is a book that’s fully packed with valuable insights, techniques and strategies that helps with addressing and treating trauma. The book provides an in-depth guide to mastering the integration of the two and how both can be effectively used in addressing traumatic experiences and behavioral issues. The effectiveness of somatic interventions can greatly improve the effectiveness and results of EMDR therapy. This book is ideal for therapists who desire to realize tremendous success in their engagements and also individuals looking for ways to enhance their performance by learning the strategies they can use to stay centered and emotionally whole.Take your time and read the book all through to the end for a deeper understanding of how you can not only use the strategies to alleviate your own pain and trauma but also gain some professional insight on how you can help others as well.






Gino Mackesy

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