Trauma informed care to revitalizing EMDR practice in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a disaster prone area. The risk is increasingly high due to its geographic location, demographic nature, cultural context, religious mandate, historical heritage, political upheaval, social mobility and moral vice. Presence of visible and invisible trauma often not duly addressed oroverlooked in the management of aftermath.  EMDR as a viable tool for trauma recovery was introduced to Bangladesh for nearly two decades back by UNICEF in 1998. About 200 psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and psychologists were trained in basic of EMDR.Yet only 4% of them continued to practice EMDR. The stumbling blocks to continue EMDR practice after the basic training as revealed from the interview with the key participants of the former training.






Shaheen Islam

Original Work Citation

Islam, S. (2019). Trauma informed care to revitalizing EMDR practice in Bangladesh. Poster presented at the 20th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Krakow, Poland


“Trauma informed care to revitalizing EMDR practice in Bangladesh,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 22, 2020,

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