The Global Child-EMDR Alliance


When the Coronavirus crisis became a reality for all of us, initial despair and fear took over. Clients of all ages were reporting increased anxiety, stress and fear. Uncertainty was freefloating amongst all of us. However, I was reminded of the incredible resiliency and strength that we all possess, especially when we work together. At this point, I knew this was much bigger than anticipated and required a much greater response. I remembered the story of the Tabonuco trees that had survived for many years in very rough terrains and strong hurricanes, in addition to structural instability. These trees survived through collaboration as they hold each other’s roots to exchange nutrient and provide support to sustain the strong winds.


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Ana M. Gomez

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Gomez, A. M. (2020). The Global Child-EMDR Alliance. In M. Luber's (Ed.), EMDR resources in the era of COVID-19 (pp. 73-80). Author



“The Global Child-EMDR Alliance,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 28, 2021,

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