Using EMDR online: So much more than the tech?


Over this year thousands of EMDR therapists have had to move their practice online. There has been much discussion of the technical aspects of this – should I use BilateralBase, or RemotEMDR? And just how can you do eye movements remotely? The technical aspects are important, but they are only one small part of working online. Like it or not, working remotely is different to in-person – but not necessarily worse. It opens up new possibilities and opportunities, and sometimes pushes everyone outside their comfort zone. With early research findings showing that EMDR online is an effective way of working, it’s time to think about the wider aspects of remote working, to think beyond the tech. Drawing on her two years of experience of online working prior to COVID-19, Naomi Fisher will talk about how working online changes the nature of the therapeutic space, and how therapists can establish a safe environment for their clients. She’ll discuss what can go wrong, what you need to get it right, and how to successfully adapt your EMDR practice to the new paradigm.






Naomi Fisher

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Fisher, N. (2021, June). Using EMDR online: So much more than the tech? Invites symposium at the 20th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Virtual



“Using EMDR online: So much more than the tech?,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 16, 2022,

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